Custom Stickers Decals Portland Oregon

Earlier last week we were approached by the Red Bull office here in Portland, Oregon to do a window display at a local motorcycle dealership. Red Bull wanted to place a clearly branded action sports piece showcasing Ryan Dungey, a professional motocross rider, somewhere on the outside of the building. The only catch being it had to be applied to the windows. We discussed several options before deciding to print full color perforated vinyl to be applied to a series of five windows measuring over 8 feet tall. The windows we chose for the installation go directly into the motorcycle showroom, so it was crucial not to block too much sunlight coming in, or vision out to the parking lot for their sales crew.

Perforated window film allows full color vibrant prints and artwork to span across windows without blocking vision from inside the building – it also provides a shade from the sun! The best part? Even after fully covering five windows, you can hardly see the film from inside. Perforated window film is designed in a way that it does not hinder the ability to see out of the windows and it’s hardly noticeable.

We’ve posted a before and after shot of our install on this one! Customer was pleased, Red Bull was stoked, and we had a bunch of fun with it!

Full Color Printed Perforated Vinyl Film     Custom Printed Perforated Window Vinyl     Perforated Custom Window Prints Inside

No matter what anyone tells you, banded and splotchy prints should never be considered acceptable, no matter how inexpensive they are!

In this particular case, a customer mailed us an example sticker from their past printer that they wanted to have replicated. They are a nationally-known motorcycle parts manufacturer who was looking for a new printer…understandably so! They were used to receiving the stickers on the bottom in the photo below…you’ll first notice they’re banded (or striped) and appear splotchy. When I called the customer for further details of their order, they told me to pull the black sticker out of the envelope so they could explain some further details. My reply? “I think you guys forgot to send me the black sticker, I only have a dark green one.” Surely they didn’t mean the dark green sticker, it’s green! They did.

Wide format printing equipment has many variables, many of which will affect the output of your prints – all of which are controlled by the person running the printer. We took the exact same artwork, same brand vinyl, and ran it through a digital printer (just like the previous sticker) and came out with the sticker on top in the photo. No banding, not splotchy, and nice pure black. MotoGFX doesn’t charge extra for great print quality – it’s what we promise to everyone. No one should ever be convinced that it’s because of the price or their artwork that’s causing these results.

MotoGFX takes GREAT pride in the output of our prints – and want you to be proud of the products you are passing out to your customers. Whether you buy your printed products through us, or someone else, don’t accept terrible print quality, no matter how inexpensive it is! -Matthew Robert Fishler

Custom Full-Color Stickers Die-Cut Portland Oregon

A comparison of a customer’s past printer’s quality and MotoGFX print quality, full color stickers.

Welcome to our new site! It’s been a long time coming, and we made a promise at the beginning of 2013 that we would redesign our old, outdated, basic site.

The previous site was created years ago, when we first started, by selling custom fit numbers for the race bikes out at Portland International Raceway. We’ve come a long way since then, and our old site just wasn’t showcasing enough of what we have to offer. In our new site, you’ll see several new features including categorized, easy to view portfolio pieces and examples of work we do on a daily basis. We’re no longer just a “sticker shop,” and haven’t been for a long time! We’ve made it much easier and more obvious for you to get in touch and get a quick quote – and you can can rest assured we’ll be updating the blog on a regular basis as we post projects we’re currently working on, exciting new shop and industry news, and educational posts that explain the pros and cons of the methods we use. MotoGFX will continue to provide the same great pricing, turnarounds, and personalized customer service you’ve always received…just with a new facelift! I hope you’re as excited as we are…

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