File Prep Requirements & Recommendations

27 Jun

As we gear up for busy season this year, I wanted to prepare a list of file prep requirements for designers, marketing/design agencies and customers who like to provide print-ready artwork to us. We are often asked how we would like our files prepared since every print shop tends to like their artwork prepared slightly different. Below is a list of requirements & recommendations for submitting artwork to MotoGFX…

MotoGFX File Prep Requirements
-Vectorized eps, ai or pdf file whenever possible (if raster, we recommend 100-300dpi).
-One file per piece of artwork. For all paper products, please separate front/back into two files.
-Use CMYK Colorspace. RGB can produce unpredictable shifts in color.
-If exact color match is important, you must specify Pantone (coated) colors.
-Design at actual size.
-Convert ALL fonts to outlines.
-Flatten ALL transparencies.
-Embed all images. Files using linked images will not be accepted.
-Remove all overprints. These can produce unpredictable results.
-For cut lines on stickers and other products, use path(s) with 1px magenta stroke (no fill).
-Bleed stickers at least .075” past magenta cut line. MOST paper products bleed .125”-.25” past all edges.
-No bleed needed on banners and some other products. Please ask if unsure.
-Remove all Printers Marks, Registration Marks and Crop Marks unless otherwise requested.
-Remove all Guides.
-Some templates available for certain products. Please ask if needed!

Last Updated by Matthew Robert Fishler on December 21, 2017.