Little Big Burger Wall Graphics Install

23 Dec

Little Big Burger here in Portland, Oregon has been a huge customer of ours since day one. We’ve had the honor of working very close with the owners there for a couple of years now and do everything from their window and wall vinyl graphics to their screen printed work shirts, printed napkin holder inserts, catsup bottle labels and everything else in between. At this point, MotoGFX has had a hand in all seven locations with this new store opening on the corner of SE Hawthorne and 20th before year’s end. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to check out one of these tasty little burger joints, you will understand what the hype is all about — and you’ll quickly learn the only thing “little” in the ¬†establishment is the burgers!

The new Hawthorne location features this HUGE 12 foot by 8 foot wall decal as a focal point inside the dining area. The challenge with these huge graphics is not only getting them straight, but because they’re laid down in panels, the panels have to line up perfectly to connect parts of the design that span across multiple panels — something we take great pride in! Below are some photos during the process – the first photo shows us sticking the bottom panel to the wall, the second photo shows pressing the vinyl into the texture with heat and the third photo shows the final product perfectly straight with everything aligned flawlessly. Enjoy! -Matthew Fishler

Little Big Burger Sign Shop Vinyl Decal Wall Little Big Burger Sign Shop Vinyl Decal WallLittle Big Burger Sign Shop Vinyl Decal Wall