Perforated Window Prints

23 Jul

Earlier last week we were approached by the Red Bull office here in Portland, Oregon to do a window display at a local motorcycle dealership. Red Bull wanted to place a clearly branded action sports piece showcasing Ryan Dungey, a professional motocross rider, somewhere on the outside of the building. The only catch being it had to be applied to the windows. We discussed several options before deciding to print full color perforated vinyl to be applied to a series of five windows measuring over 8 feet tall. The windows we chose for the installation go directly into the motorcycle showroom, so it was crucial not to block too much sunlight coming in, or vision out to the parking lot for their sales crew.

Perforated window film allows full color vibrant prints and artwork to span across windows without blocking vision from inside the building – it also provides a shade from the sun! The best part? Even after fully covering five windows, you can hardly see the film from inside. Perforated window film is designed in a way that it does not hinder the ability to see out of the windows and it’s hardly noticeable.

We’ve posted a before and after shot of our install on this one! Customer was pleased, Red Bull was stoked, and we had a bunch of fun with it!

Full Color Printed Perforated Vinyl Film     Custom Printed Perforated Window Vinyl     Perforated Custom Window Prints Inside